Chambray SweetPea Ring Slings

 Light, Airy, Reversible, Gender Neutral and only Available for a Limited Time!

Classic Chambray Colors.  Reversible, Soft, Woven Cotton Chambray Fabric.
The slings are 100% visually reversible for two looks in one sling.  Soft and ready to use, right out of the package.  They are double layered for extra support and style and like all SweetPea Ring Slings, there is no top stitching around where your baby sits.

Chambray Fabrics

I have specifically chosen these two to work well together as a double layer: supportive but also great in the summer.  While maintaining that "SPRS Artistic Style" with their two different patterns for a unique Chambray look!  They are also reversible so you can wear either print facing out.  

Available for a limited time and only $60!!

Gender Neutral and Perfect for Summer
100% Reversible
Your Linen SweetPea Ring Sling is 100% Visually Reversible!  It's like having two slings in one!

Order a Chambray SweetPea Ring Sling

Price:: $60

First Layer:  Blue and White Chambray Stripes, Machine Washable, Woven Cotton

Second Layer:  Solid Chambray with White Dots, Washable, Woven Cotton

Rings:: 3 1/2" Aluminum

100% Reversible 

Add Zippered Pocket:: $15

Availability:: Ships within a week of payment.

"Chambrays" add a pocket  (pocket will be
done in the dot fabric)?
Any Sizing Concerns?


Add a 'hidden' zippered pocket to the tail for $15.   Great for your keys, wallet,  spit up rag, etc!  Leave your bag in the car!

The pockets on the chambray slings will be done in the same color as the inside, the dot fabric. 

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Light, airy and soft.  Perfect gender neutral sling for a summer baby!