Premium Cotton SweetPea Ring Slings


 Printed Slings with a full panel of one of our designer prints! 

Double Layered and 100% Reversible.

You choose your print and your solid cotton color. 

   Pricing for Premium Slings lined with cotton start at $70.00

You can also have your premium sling made with linen ($80) or silk ($90): 

Premium Linen Slings     Premium Silk Slings


Zippered Pockets can be added to Any Premium Sling for an additional $15.00.


Step One:  Choose your print

Step Two:  Choose your solid color

Step Three:  Checkout

Step Four: Wait for your custom sling to arrive!

All of the prints that I use are only in production for limited times so this page will change often.  Occasionally a fabric has sold out before I realize it.  If that happens, I will email you right away about a substitute.  Choices are best viewed on a computer screen.

Choose your print and Choose Your Solid Cotton Color

  • Tea Rose
    Tea Rose
  • Momento
  • Navy Deer
    Navy Deer
  • Ivory Deer
    Ivory Deer
  • Gold Arrows
    Gold Arrows
  • Pink Argyle
    Pink Argyle
  • Gray Arrows
    Gray Arrows
  • Norwegian Fall
    Norwegian Fall
  • Whimsical Plum
    Whimsical Plum
  • Gold Chevron
    Gold Chevron
  • Cherry Blossoms
    Cherry Blossoms
  • Coral Rose
    Coral Rose
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
  • Coral Starfish
    Coral Starfish
  • Navy Anchor
    Navy Anchor
  • Effervescence
  • White Feathers
    White Feathers
  • Flamingos
  • Kleo
  • Red Bird
    Red Bird
  • Blue Whales
    Blue Whales
  • Amy Butler's Lotus
    Amy Butler's Lotus
  • Pink Scroll
    Pink Scroll
  • Purple Roses
    Purple Roses
  • Black and White Damask
    Black and White Damask
  • Aqua Scroll
    Aqua Scroll
  • Violet
  • Pink Medallion
    Pink Medallion
  • Kumari
  • Limeaid
  • Green Camo
    Green Camo
  • Mockingbirds
  • Purple Pink Ombre
    Purple Pink Ombre
  • Blue Ombre
    Blue Ombre
  • Red Ombre
    Red Ombre
  • Gray Chevron
    Gray Chevron
  • Navy Chevron
    Navy Chevron
Colors may vary from screen to screen.
To see a larger view of prints visit this page or scroll below for more sling photos.

Order a Premium COTTON SweetPea Ring Sling:

Premium Cotton: Add a Zippered Pocket?
Print Selection:
Solid Cotton Color:

I will email you if there are any issues with your selection.

The turn around time on custom slings is usually 5-12 days depending on if I need to order the fabric. 

You can email me with questions or special requests and I will send you an invoice.

See what others have designed!


Norwegian Fall/Turquoise

Black and White Damask/Red

Ivory Deer/Navy Blue

Cherry Blossoms/Olive Green

Rainer/Turquoise with added Pocket
Cherry Blossom/Rose Pink with added Pocket

Navy Anchor/Kelly Green Cotton

Navy Anchor/Gray Cotton

Navy Anchor/Red Cotton with added Pocket
Coral Roses/Black Cotton

Tea Rose/Pink Cotton

All SweetPea Ring Slings are 100% Visually Reversible

Navy Anchors/Mint Cotton

Navy Anchors/Mint with added Pocket
Gray Arrows/Navy Blue

Gray Arrows/Navy Blue with added Pocket

Kumari/Pink with added Pocket

Blue Whales/Gray Cotton

Aqua Scroll/Navy Blue Cotton

Aqua Scroll/Navy Blue Cotton
reverse side
Black and White Damask with Bright Pink Cotton

Argyle/Bright Pink

Katniss/Black Cotton

Katniss/Black Cotton (reverse)

Effervescence/Royal Blue Cotton

Effervescence/Burgundy Cotton
Effervescence/ Purple Cotton with added Pocket
White Feathers/Black Cotton

White Feathers/Black Cotton

reverse side

Gray Arrows/Gray with added Pocket

White Feathers/Mint Cotton

White Feathers/Mint Cotton
Hummingbirds/Navy Blue Cotton with added Pocket
BlueLagoonChevron/DecoGreen withaddedPocket

All SweetPea Ring Slings are 100% Reversible

MockingBird/Light Pink Cotton

MockingBird/Mint Cotton with added Pocket

MockingBird/Light Pink Cotton
Pink Medallion/Carnation Pink Cotton with trim accent (+$6)
Pink Medallion/Burgundy Cotton
Rainbow Chevron/Black Cotton

Blue Medallion/ Royal Blue Cotton with added Pocket

Violet/Navy Blue Cotton

Gold Chevron/Mint Green with added Pocket

Gold Chevron/Mint Green

Momento/Bright Pink with addedPocket



You can also have your premium sling made with linen ($80) or silk ($90): 

Premium Linen Slings     Premium Silk Slings

Have something else in mind?  Let's do a Custom Order!  You can check out my print folder on Pinterest